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  • Full or Partial Restoration Undertaken
  • Has your car been re-wired? We can check the safety of your wiring and advise you. If required, we can carry out a full re-wiring of your vehicle with the correct wire.
  • Body Panels repaired or re-manufactured by hand in the traditional way
  • Manufacture or sourcing of parts
  • Spe​c​ialist contacts for Dynamo and Magneto repair

Service & Maintenance

  • Regular Servicing carried out
  • Overhaul of Fuel System including tank cleaning
  • Checking of Ignition System, brakes, transmission and engine performance


  • We can source specialist spare parts for your vehicle
  • Engineering of parts  -  some parts we may be able to manufacture for you
  • Purchasing of Parts - if you have parts to sell please ask and we maybe willing to buy off you